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In Carlex Design Studio, a team of talented designers prepare conceptual sketches for each new project. The sketches give the first concept of the created product and allow to choose the right direction for its development.

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Photo-realistic visualizations are one of the key elements of cooperation with Carlex Design Studio, as on this basis it is possible to build product marketing and to present it to potential customers or investors at the stage of pre-production.

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3d models

The key parameter in series production is precision in the manufacturing of elements and their reproducibility in the production process. Therefore, the previously prepared photo-realistic visualizations and conceptual works progress to the next phase, which is the digital elaboration of spatial 3D models for designed products. These works, thanks to experienced designers as well as advanced equipment and software, are the basis for the development of prototypes and production molds. When working with projects with special application, 3D models are also used for a range of stimulations in order to save the material, calculate the weight, or combine these models with other elements in the structure.

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environment rendering

In our design studio we create realistic visualizations of the products. It enables us to analyze the form of a product and test how it looks like in its natural environment. Renderings created by our designers are also impressive material that can be presented to prospective clients.

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We have access to all certified automotive, aerospace and marine leathers, and at the same time we guarantee first class finish regardless of the volume of series production commissioned.

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Apart from leather seat covers, Carlex Design manufacturing plant specializes in leather trimming of plastic parts of the interior such as dashboards, door cards, central consoles, as well as in producing leather floor mats and upgrading other parts of the interior.

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and precision

The experience of Carlex Design gained while executing the most demanding leather interior designs for luxury cars, allows for undertaking even the most challenging projects. We possess modern machinery and, most importantly, well-qualified specialists and experts in the field of designing and manufacturing of leather upholstery.

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Full bodykit

We produce designed body-kits and decorative elements. Strong technical background in the form of experienced pattern-makers enables, with the use of composites, the rapid prototyping, mould tooling creation and final product launch.

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When production volume of certain parts goes up to hundreds or thousands units, the solution we use that gives 100% consistency of each part produced is polyurethane. This technology requires much bigger investment in the production start-up , but allows for smooth adjustment of production volume to a strict delivery schedule. It also guarantees perfect fit and reduction in a time necessary for the assembly of the components on a vehicle.


Fiberglass and carbon fiber technology allows for achieving excellent results when it comes to exterior design of the bodywork and delivery of complex parts. This is a solution we use when executing short production runs.

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Collaborating with the relevant certification bodies we deliver products precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers. The body kits manufactured in series production obtain TUV certification, while leather seat covers produced in our manufacturing plants are tested in terms of effectiveness of the safety systems of the seats equipped with AirBag. The tests include cattle leather used in automotive sector, as well as Alcantara ® and exotic leathers. This enables us to execute even the most advanced and luxurious projects maintaining all of the security measures.

We also provide efficient logistics system. In the case of orders intended for and delivered directly to the assembly line, we are able to offer deliveries based on "just in time" and "line sequence" systems, confirmed by ISO / TS 16949: 2009 certificate.

The production management methods are based on the Lean Management methodology. We constantly optimize and improve the manufacturing processes. As a member of the automotive cluster known as Silesia Automotive, we participate in the meetings, at which we analyze i.a. the latest manufacturing and organizational techniques, investigate directions of development and opportunities for cooperation and extensive support for our key actions. Thanks to this, we are prepared to start a production of the next new series in a very short time. The pace at which we implement series production (including the design, prototyping, and construction of necessary tools) enables our partners to achieve sales revenue from interior and exterior parts, styling kits and other products created in our studio much sooner than otherwise.

Seat airbag

Our seats were tested and certified by PIMOT Automotive Industry Institute.

Seat side Airbag test - CARLEX DESIGN seat cover