How it's made

How Its Made

Carlex Design Studio & Production is the answer to the needs of manufacturers and sellers as regards individual design, preparation of the production process, and providing the market with the limited series of products.

Cooperation with Carlex Design is based on two simple principles:

  • Carlex Design elaborates a complete project for a product pointed by the Partner, produces a prototype and executes the final production and delivery of the styling elements and products determined in the project.
  • The Partner has its own technical support for the assembly of styling elements or products designed and supplied by Carlex Design, and sells them actively on the managed market.

A scheme of the basic model of cooperation can be presented in the following 10 steps:

From the project to the final product


Carlex design


  • Choice of a vehicle model or a product
  • Determination of a range and volume of production
  • Choice of the production technology


  • Determination of deadlines for creating designs
    and prototypes, for production, and delivery schedule
  • Signing a contract


  • Preparation of conceptual sketches


  • Choice of the project version


  • Preparation of photo-realistic visualizations
  • Preparation of 3D models


  • Analysis of the prototype
  • Modification of the details


  • Product acceptance


  • Preparation of a production line
  • Training and certification of the Partner's executive team
  • Production of styling kits or products
  • Delivery


  • Assembly of the elements and sale of the product


  • Marketing cooperation

We create products that are outstanding due to their original design and excellent performance quality. We specialize in the design and production of elements with the use of leather, fiberglass, carbon fiber, polyurethane, metal and wood. When working on our special projects, we use high-minded metals, gems and exotic leathers created in the Carlex Design jewelry workshop. The main area of our operations are interiors and exteriors for all types of vehicles. Nevertheless, we are not confined to this domain; we also create other products inspired by automotive industry.

An attractive offer of cooperation with Carlex Design Studio & Production allows to create products with a unique design and high quality of performance and to launch them on the market within an unusually short period of time. Currently, we deliver our projects and products to partners in Europe, USA and Asia.