Jet Van


We rely on the unique knowledge and experience of Carlex Design, the market leading Polish company that specialises in the design and build of bespoke vehicle interiors.

In order to meet the high expectations of our clients we have developed Carlex Automotive Carlex Automotive is a response to demand for ultra luxurious multimedia vans, designed for the most exacting of our clients.


Times when a classic limousine was the only means of safe transport for VIP’s are gone.

Carlex Automotive Jet Vans provide a luxurious, comfortable working space for four passengers with additional seats in the driver’s compartment.

Whether you are departing on your private jet or your flight in first class has just arrived, you should still be able to enjoy an equal, if not more comfortable, experience on the road.

Today’s client wants something more than standard. Not only a great drive, with advanced safety systems, comfortable interior and clever technical innovations but also a vast space to work and relax in comfort during a journey. Space that renders exceptional, unprecedented privacy and discretion.

Vehicles of this kind are becoming increasingly popular globally amongst the world’s business elite, premier hotel and convenience centres, who value the extension of first class service from their airport arrival to their final destination.


Each standard Carlex Automotive vehicle is equipped with:

  • Pneumatic suspension in the passenger space
  • A powerful diesel engine and automatic transmission
  • Design structures and fitting elements made with lightweight composite materials
  • Sound absorbing system and thermal insulation for the passenger space
  • Electrically operated side door
  • 230V power outlets
  • Seat upholstery made from the highest quality leather. 40 colours are available, sourced from specific breeds of cattle
  • First class ultra luxurious seats and floor mountings
  • First class LED lighting with remote control
  • Air conditioning system with activated carbon filters
  • 10 year warranty provided on leather seats and 5 year warranty on built in equipment

Carlex Automotive Jet Vans offer highly advanced technologies and equipment in a wide variety of options:

6 comfortable seats ( 4 of which are located in the passenger compartment)

Independent air conditioning system that maintains a programmed interior temperature and constant supply of fresh highly purified air via activated carbon filters.

Electrically controlled blinds in windows and electrically operated side doors ensure privacy and protection.

Oversized, ultra luxurious seats that can be adjusted to any body shape using 7 options of electrically controlled position. To enhance passenger comfort further the seats have been equipped with a retractable footrest and feature both heating/cooling options and a massage system.

Aircraft style durable tables that can be folded out from a central console.

Pneumatic suspension, which delivers unprecedented levels of comfort when travelling.

Energy saving efficient LED lighting controlled via an illumination intensity control system.

Digital television.

Large monitors featuring high contrast flat LED screens.

Audiophile speakers and multimedia system.

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Audiophile Multimedia System

Based on the most advanced Ampituner in the prestigious ES series. The diversity of audio video media and associated formats supported by this device creates an intuitive entertainment center for the enjoyment of passengers. Superlative audio speakers have been carefully placed within the vehicle and tuned to each other by acoustic engineers for multi channelled sound. All the audio systems are controlled by 10 inch high quality tablets. High class 3D screens can surround you with a 3D image.

The pure acoustics of this audio system can captivate the listener with a crystal clear cadence, revealing all facets of musical or cinematic recording.

Alternatively, a moment of silence can be enjoyed thanks to the extreme three layered acoustic soundproofing installed within the entirety of the passenger space.

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